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What are Web-to-Print Systems?

Web-to-print systems, short W2P, allow you to create professional printing templates just using a standard web browser. The user who works with the template does not need to have any experience about the prepress und print process. Modern W2P Systems provide the user with professional templates where only content needs to be updated. This ensures that all printed documents reflect the corporate design and fulfill all requirements for a modern standardized printing process. The end result from the printer is therefore always reproducible within the normal printing tolerances.

Many Web2Print systems go one step further beyond the basic functions and offer features like translation management and workflow editors.  This enables you to manage complex business processes, involving all users that are needed within a specific workflow and notify them when they need to take action. Such as a lector that reviews the work of a translator once a document is translated.

In the most basic form a W2P system can be used to create business cards and stationery. More complex scenarios can be the production of  multilingual catalogs – working together with digital asset (DAM) and product information management (PIM) systems that provide images and product content. Here the PIM system creates automatically pages that can later be reviewed and edited by the W2P system. Approval workflows are controlled by the W2p system so the responsible manager is always up to date on the state of the entire production and knows when to interfere if a translation for a specific country is overdue.

Main functions of a Web-to-Print Systems



Templates describe the structure of a document and specify which elements can be edited and which not. Every document created by a particular template differ only in the actual content that a user has edited.



Web-to-print systems can be used with any standard web browser. After the login user have access to their templates that they can use to create their personalized documents – without needing any layout software.



Most systems export the finished documents as print ready PDF / X files that can be used by any modern print shop.
A few solutions also allow the export in InDesign® or IDML format.

Advantages of a Web-to-Print System



All documents that are created with the W2P systems will meet your requirements and the specification of a print shop. This ensures that everything can be reproduced at any time without sacrificing any quality.


Save Money

Web-to-print systems reduce your costs by standardizing the complete print process chain – from creation to the print result.
On demand print orders help you to avoid overproduction. You will be able to provide your b2b and b2c customers exactly what and when they need it.


Save Time

In a classical print production a lot of time is wasted with manual approval cycles using printouts, telephon conferences and face to face meetings. In a Web-to-print system these time consuming processes are replaced by digital workflows and approval processes. Greatly increasing the Time-to-Market for your products.

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