Flexible solution for a secure and easy integration of digital assets in your corporate websites

With WebSync for celum you can publish data from your company’s internal celum server via an external server. You do not need a permanent connection between the two servers.

WebSync for celum IMAGINE Imagebild

System Requirements

  • celum IMAGINE oder celum SWIFT 4.9.4 Server
  • Recommendation: celum IMAGINE 2013 (Update of celum IMAGINE/celum SWIFT 4.9 Version)

The WebSync module consists of three components:

First an export task exports all assets and structures that you organized either in object collections, keywords or folders. We use the standard celum download formats but we also export all metadata and structure information that you can later access in order to build automatic download pages on our websites. The content is completely controlled from within celum IMAGINE. If you create a new object collection node it will for instance appear as a new menu item on your webpage.

Since the data needs to be transferred to another server we recomment Powerfolder as a replication solution. For this setup we need at least one Powerfolder server and one client license. The client monitors the export folder and transfers all data to the Powerfolder Server as soon as the Websync Task writes the export.

The WebSync server is the third component . It reads all information and provides binary and metadata via simple HTTP queries.

The WebSync server is completely independent from the IMAGINE server so that maintenance work on IMAGINE server has not effect on the exported and embedded images. The Websync Server will always provide the latest available version of an asset. Once the celum server is available again and sends updates any new information will be immediately available.


WebSync Screenshot   WebSync Screenshot