If you think about purchasing a DAM or W2P system you must decide if you want to run the whole system on your premise or externally in a hosting center. If you decide to host the server in your company you must of course provide the appropriate infrastructure and of course need to train your admin staff to maintain the system.

We compiled a few questions that you should go through before making a decision:

  • How secure is my data?
  • How secure is my data in case of a power failure?
  • Is my internet connection fast enough for external access?
  • Do I need a firewall?
  • Who administers the system and ensures an uninterrupted service?

These are all topics that can easily double the purchase cost and tremendously multiply the operating costs.

This is the reason why more and more systems are hosted in external data centers that are specialized in solving all the above problems and provide custom hosting solutions for you.

But can you take any hosting company? Most will have no experience in administering a DAM or W2P system. Do they know what to do in case of an error ? And what about software updates? Probably not because the hoster is usually specialized in hardware and not in specific software products.

So this is why we offer our customers a full service hosting where you do not have to worry about anything. For each of your DAM or W2P products we offer a full service package that includes hosting and also the administration of the application. This is also true for portals or gateways that we have developed for you. Support contracts with the appropriate service levels conclude our full service enterprise hosting offers.



Your number of users has doubled within a year, and the server now needs more memory or processor power. All our hosting offers scale on demand if necessary giving you the freedom to plan flexible.


Big Data

The largest DAM installation that we host right now includes approximately 850.000 assets with a total size about 5 terabytes of data. We offer attractive offers for systems that need more than 1 Terabyte of data. Please contact us!



Security for us means not only to protect your servers from unauthorized access but also the safety of your data in case of a system failure. We secure all systems by default by Cisco firewalls. Backups can individually configured – on and off site.

Our Partner

All of our hosting services are implemented in cooperation with our partner Cronon AG in Berlin. Through our long term commitment to one hosting partner and the resulting experience we gained together in providing custom hosting services we are proud to offer you a great hosting platform for all of your needs.

Please contact us if you think about outsourcing your system, we will provide you with a custom quote that will peak your interest.